Monday, September 07, 2009

Bone Dry Monday

The worst thing about living out in the country is being on a well, especially in a dry arid place like Madera California. We're been in a drought for the last three years and with all the newbies and of course the farmers have to pump the water out of the ground their crops our water table has dropped.

Saturday I noticed our water didn't have much pressure. Hubby went and checked the well, the pump was working fine but there was no pressure. He asked me to turn off my drip lines to my garden which I did. We all manage to get one quick shower before the water stopped.
Yesterday we all made a trip to my mom's house to have a bath. Today hubby took a shower at work and my daughter is already at my mom's I'll be leaving shortly to have another shower at her house.

I hate this, and it would have to happen over a holiday weekend. My landlord when called got right on it, but the repair men said they couldn't do anything until at least Tuesday. And I suppose that means they will have to dig the well deeper.

On the bright side that is tomorrow, if they can make it out anyway.

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