Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Good news

My daughter's cat Suzu came back!
The darn cat went missing when we found our kitty Ji Ji
dead out front of our house.
My daughter was so worried that this one was dead too.
But she's not!
Also my hubby called the warranty people about our washer.
They are in negotiations with the owners of the store where we bought the machine, and their trying to get us another one.
The only problem I can fore see is that they aren't the original owners of the store.
We'll see.


Gledwood said...


Kristen Painter said...

Oh, that is such good news about your kitty!

Janice said...

Hi Gled,

Don't congratulate me just yet, I've gotten that clothes washer yet, lol.

Hi Kristen,

We're all very relieved over here, my daughter was so upset and with drawn after what happened to Ji Ji. She's still sad but her spirits have lifted after Suzu came home.

Thank you both for commenting.