Saturday, April 12, 2008


My daughter got a job of sorts; she's going to show the high school farm goats at the Chowchilla fair. If she shows them to their best advantage and they sell for a good price she gets a pay check.

Now as we all know goats can be sweet, and funny.

And Goats can be cute and darling.

But they also can be mean and nasty.
My daughter got the two meanest goats at the school farm.

I believe they are called Brat and meanie, or maybe that was Brat I and Brat II?

I forget.

Boy does she have her hands full!

My daughter has to learn how to handle the goats and walk them around an arena. She has already got her toes stomped on and bruised, as well as having her legs getting hit with sharps little horns. But the worst was when one of the two goats that she is learning to handle kicked her in the chest with it's hind legs!!!


We went to Fresno today and got her outfitted for the fair; white jeans, and heavy duty boots(for the sharp little hooves).

We also got her some boys sneakers to wear while she brakes in the two brat goats to being handled.


Morgan St. John said...

OMGosh! How fun. We never had goats when I was going to school. LOL They do look cute, though.

I wish her luck! Now, she'll have to join 4H... or become a goat herder, or something. Sweet!

Merle said...

Dear Janice ~~ I don't envy your daughter with the goats, but wish her luck. I love the cat in the planter
and what a good age she is. I see you had a post about Charlton Heston. A
friend of mine did a very good post about him.
// with lots of photos etc, if you'd like to visit.Glad you enjoyed my post. I liked the retarded grandparents joke.
Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.

Janice said...

Hi Morgan,

We live in a farming community, and when I went to high school we just had cows, sheep, and pigs. Now that they've moved the old school age farm to it's new location they have horses, and goats as well as the cow, sheep and pigs.

And in hight school it's FFA (future farmers of America), 4H is for much younger kids.

Hi Merle,

My daughter went over a friends house and practised what she had learned in control the goat on her friends goat. And Now she's all worn old poor dear.

I'm glad you liked the picture of Pookey, she was born here.

I'll have to check out your friends post, thank you.

You've got the best jokes, please keep posting them.

Have a great week every body,
Lady Jan~

megz_mum said...

O no! Not a good introduction to goat herding, but I guess it will be a learning experience!

Anonymous said...

i like goats

Janice said...

I like goats too, but the two my daughter got stuck with were mean.

Though the babies were cute.


Malau said...

Awww, Goat looks really sweet in the photo. I really liked it. keep posting like that in your blog. Here for more about cute and funny animals.

Janice said...


Thanks. My daughter has graduated from HS and is going to college this year, so no more goats.