Thursday, January 31, 2008

Call me crazy but I'm off agan on another Writter's month

I recently joined Romance Divas and they are having a RoDiWriMo; Romance Divas writer's month.

I thought it would be a great way to write another book that has been cooking in my noggin for a while; this one is called Windswept shores. It involves a 40ish woman that as my Aussie friends call a yank, and the other is a 30ish handsome man from Oz.

So my friends from down under, I maybe have to call on you to pick your brains for any and all Aussie sayings, slangs, or Aussie humor.

It's RoDiWriMo

NO whining spouses, children, SO's, parents, neighbors, relatives, etc.

NO household chores. If you need clean underwear, go buy them yourself.

NO meals that take more than 5 minutes to order.

NO outside meetings. PTA, Scouts, Library Committee will have to do without us. No dentist appointments, etc.

NO phone calls --except agents, publishers, and adoring media outlets.

NO exercise.

NO web browsing. Exceptions for research, support and mental health breaks at the RD forum.

NO sex. (See web browsing exceptions.)

NO television. (See sex exceptions.)

NO non-critical personal hygiene. We don't really need to shower every day.

NO sleep.

NO internal editor.

NO excuses.

I'm writing a Novel in a month -- NO problem!


Gledwood said...

Hey I got sent this ~ ♥ ~ with instructions to pass it around and to ask you to pass it around ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ as much as you please or can...

Gledwood said...

shit! trust me to send the bloody things right back without realizing...

i should delete it but thought I would amuse you with the error of my "ways"


Merle said...

Hi Janice ~~ Congrats on biting the bullet and going for another book.
Good luck with it Janice, I am sure you can do it. Glad you liked God bless my computer. and also the Kids answers to Why God made Moms, Both were good ones. Thank you so much for the Heart and when I find out how to do it, I will send you one. Also got one from Gleds and Jeanette.
Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.

Janice said...

Hi Glendwood,

Don't worry about it, I said you could send me one too~ ♥ ~.

Hi Merle,

Thanks for the confidence, I hope I can finally write one that'll catch an agent or editors eye.

Keep the jokes coming, I love 'em.

As for the hearts~ ♥ ~ they're easy, just copy and paste.

If you haven't learned how to do that yet just high light what you want, then right click on your mouse, when the small menu pops up click on copy, then when you want leave a comment you click on the comment box and right click again this time click on paste and there you go--done!

If no one has figured it out yet, the hearts are for Valentines day that is coming up and I was just spreading around the love.~ ♥ ~

Lady Jan~ ♥ ~