Monday, January 14, 2008

Bottom of the jar

Don't you hate it when you get to the bottom of the jar?

And I don't mean just mean the mayonnaise jar or the jelly jar; I mean the bottom of my moisturiser container.

You know the winter season can be a killer on the skin with the heater going day and night, and not only my skin but my lips have been chapped by our weather. And here I was literally taking a Q-tip and scraping the bottom of my moisturiser bottle trying to get the last of it out, and applying the residue to my poor parched face.

By pay day I was all done in, and raised the white flag.

It was time *deep sight* to go shopping.

I hate shopping.

Mostly because the money seem to disappear before it even arrives.

I wish we just had one week were we didn't have to spend any money at all, but I really don't think that will happen any time soon.

So I went to Wal-mart with family in tow; where any self respecting tight wad will go to save on her money and I got my moisturizer and mayonnaise and what every else I was running out of and we still ended up spending over a hundred dollars.

A hundred dollars?

And only a few bags to show for it too.

Darn it.

I hate shopping, but I hate having dry cracked skin more.


Merle said...

Hi Janice ~~ Glad you got your moisturizer as the cold weather does play havoc on our skin. The hot weather isn't too kind either.
Thanks for your comment and I am glad you liked the Story of the Penny.
I have heard that little rhyme since I was a child (a long long time ago)
See a penny, pick it up and all day long, You'll have good luck. Thanks for reminding me. Take care, Love,

Jeanette said...

Hi Janice. pleased you were able to go out and replenish you low supplies.I find our summer we need to use moisturizer more often with our high temps i find it drys the skin out .and apply morning and evening.

Granny said...

I have never been able to walk out of Wal-Mart with just one thing.

Or the supermarket for that matter. Go in for bread and milk, walk out $50 lighter.

Janice said...

Hi Merle,

Our summers are rough too, and I lavish the sunblock on then--lots and lots of sunblock. We can have temps of over a hundred for weeks on end. I sometimes think our weather is a lot like yours.

The first time I heard the penny rhyme on the movie "Grease", it was really a popular movie when I was in high school.

Hi Jeannette,

Us here too, but then I'm bathing more often when it's that hot--morning and night just to stay cool.

Hi Ann,

Your telling me. I blame the low prices you just can't help yourself. It's kind of like going to dollartree where everythings a dollar and you find yourself saying "oh why not it's only a dollar."

Gledwood said...

doesn't moisturizer cost about $50 a pot? or is that the eyecream... i can't remember which is which but one is cripplingly expensive...

Janice said...

Hi Glendwood,

Not the stuff I buy; it's $14.95 at Wal-mart.

Lady Jan~