Friday, September 08, 2006

An Up-date on my "Just One of Those Days!"

My car is in the shop, and will have to be there until Monday at least. It's gonna cost us $850. or so to replace the hood cable that opens the hood, and to replace my radiator. And that is not including the car rental cost.

Apparently that SSSSSS, and then the POP I heard was the radiator exploding! And I had that same radiator worked on three or so years ago.

It kind of reminds me of my post "Things are blowing-up!" By the way my vacuum is back from the shop, and the repair people said "what was wrong with it was it was dirty."

Well, of course it was, a vacuum cleaner bag had exploded in it!

Now if the repair shop will just stop calling me to let me know it ready, already!

I know it is!

I've already picked it up a month ago!


Granny said...

Things are blowing up again? Darn it.

I just went back to your older post about the convection oven and the vacuum. You have a way with sound effects.

My microwave door fixed itself by the way. Very strange. It never did it again after I complained about it.

Did I tell you I linked to your post about Madera? It was so interesting I wanted to share.

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

Yes, amazing isn't it? Just when I thought things were gonna seatle down for a while then--SSSSS-POP!

HE HE, thank you.

That is odd!?

Oh that neat! I'll have to go check it out!

Lady Jan~

willowtree said...

My sympathies on the car situation. It really puts a cloud over things when your car doesn't work.

I'm fighting really hard not to ask if when you got the radiator fixed was the last time you put water in. Oops,I lost.

Hope you get it fixed soon. $850 OUCH!!

Jeanette said...

Hi Janice
Gees we all need a car to get around but when they break down it cost $$s . what did the vacumn repairers want? A clean Vav after the bag blew up. hope thats the last of blows ups ...
Take care keep smiling

Merle said...

Hi Janice ~ What a time you have had with your car and we depend on them so
much. Or I used to, don't drive any any
more. Thanks for your comments and te great story of your Mom who did so well
stopping the bar near her, twice. You must be very proud of her efforts.
Take care Jan and have a good week,Merle

DellaB said...

"I know it is! I've already picked it up a month ago!"

hahahaha .. that is SO funny Janice - perhaps you should go and pick up another one? It might be newer and cleaner?

I use the 'dirty' vacuum cleaner filter analogy a lot in my work. I work in internet support, and more often than you think, people call because their browser has stopped working or is loading pages very slowly. Most don't know they are supposed to clean out the cache (delete cookies/files) occasionally - to stop this from happening and speed up the pages. When I tell them it works like a vacuum cleaner filter (gets clogged up and stops sucking, or stops the motor altogether) - the women ALWAYS understand what I mean, and mostly so do the men.. it works!

wow - that eggplant is a beauty for sure...

Turtle Guy said...

Hee hee... a phone call to say your vacuum is ready... pretty soon you'll be on to your second or third vacuum and still be receiving the calls!

There's a firm that sells pins to various organizations including the one my Aunt was in charge of years ago. they keep sending mail to my Aunt. (now my house) I keep receiving "Your order is ready for pickup" from an order placed in 1989. My Aunt passed away in '98, I've sent them messages by various means indicating the account is no longer required and still I get the post card reminders!

Janice said...

Hi Willow tree,

We got a call on Monday that said that they're hoping to have the car ready by Monday 9-11 go figure!

My husband checks the water and the oil regularly, and he had just checked the water the weekend before the SSS-POP-explotion.

Oh yes, your right about a cloud being over us, it must be a very black one. Ouch indeed.

Hi Jeanette,

No, the vac repair people wanted me to pick it up--And I had a month ago!

Me too!

Hi Merle,

Yes we do indeed(maybe I use that word too much), we need our car--alot--as we live two miles out of town. If we still lived at our old appartment that we had sixteen years ago before we moved here(but we wouldn't be there--too small),we could have walked everywhere. But not way out here, as we live too far out in the country, and we have to drive every where.

I glad you enjoyed that story about my Mom, and yes I am proud of her.

Hi Dellab,

Maybe I should just show-up and demand my vacuum? Then they have to scamble around and find either the paperwork that said I pick-it-up-already, or give me a new vacuum.

I understand your anology very well, and I do delite my cookies, and my search files too. Especially if I find that my computer is running slow. Good anology by the way!

Hi Turtle guy,

Gee, I hope not!

The problem with automated systems, or the reliant on such systems is sometimes things get lost or miss like your "Aunt not being with us" anymore, and her "order being ready". Maybe you should show up and say your are picking-it-up for her, and just see if they have it, then give them a "remming" for bothering you about it!

Your Lady Jan~