Sunday, September 10, 2006

Lady Jan's 9-11 Poem

Tomorrow for us the US it will be the five year anniversary of that terrible day 9-11-01. After you read my poem below I would like everyone to leave a comment; weather your a blogger, non-registered commenter, or a lurker. I want you to tell me what you were doing when 9-11 happened, and what went through your mind then, and now. Then I'll leave my comment on the anniversary too.
About my poem; I don't write a lot of poems, but it took me six month to process the tragedy of 9-11, and the process gave birth to this poem.
In God's Name

Allah –they yelled!
ramming our planes into our towers.
lost to the flames the buildings fell,
with few survivors.

Oh my God! We cried;
as we watched horrified,
trying to save them
many brave people died.

Jesus, thank you! That they live!
As people walked with feet of lead,
dusty tracks of tears they shed,
for what they suffered and fled.

Christ almighty! We did swear.
When the smoke then did clear;
our stunned senses not prepare,
titans once stood-- nothing a nightmare.

God there's more?
We learned---four planes
went out with evil intentions.
The pentagon succumb to mutilation!

My God! What happed?
A field in Pennsylvania was reshaped;
the ruin of flight 93 over the landscape,
passengers and crew---no escape.

Allah —thank you!
Prayed He from a cave in a hill.
For helping me to hurt them
where they feel it still.

In God we entrust.
flight 93 loved ones informed;
heros they were transformed,
together the cockpit they stormed.

Showing us courage in all of us inborn.
To all of you who have read my poem,
God bless you.


Turtle Guy said...

I often think of "rememberances" - World Wars, family losses and of course 9/11. It strikes me as odd that we focus on remembering the visciousness, the hatred, the loss of a loved one.

We, the living have so very much to be thankful for. I try to remember those who did what they could and are still here to tell the tale.

If ever I am a victim of such violence and hatred, I hope that those I leave behind spend more time being grateful for life than remembering death.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hi Jan, I've come over from Granny's. What an awful day 9/11 was five years ago. I live in Australia and remember waking to the radio alarm to hear our Prime Minister, John Howard, (who was in Washington at the time), talking. After listening for a few minutes, I thought we were at war, then listening on, I realised something terrible had happened in New York.

When I went out into the loungeroom, my daughter had the TV on and I truly thought she was watching a Stephen Spielberg movie! I found it very hard to take in those images and realise they were life. I couldn't stop crying that day and I had just started a new job.

Thank you for allowing us to post our thoughts.


Granny said...

I was watching Good Morning America when the first reports (very low key) came in. I switched over to CNN and stayed there.

I called my Army reserve son as soon as I realized how horrible it was (about the time the plane hit the Pentagon) and called the school to tell them I was keeping the girls out.

Then I stayed with the t.v. most of the day. I don't think we turned it off for the next several days.

We were all numb.

Lovely poem. I finally got a post up and I'll leave it there through tomorrow.

Jeanette said...

Hi Janice
I remember we being my late hubby (passed away Oct.7 2004)and myself. On our way home from Darwin N.T.
just driving into Alice Springs park in the centre of Australia and other caravaners came over to tell us what had happened as soon as Alan hooked us up to power on went our telly and stayed on 24/7 I remember crying while watching people trying to run for their lives as the building collapsed.
My heart goes out to all families and the emergency workers involved such a tragedy.
and finally thats a lovely poem you wrote
Take Care, Jen

Gwen said...

Hi Janice.
I've just finished reading your beautiful poem.My husband and I were away in Darwin as was Jan & her late husband.We could'nt believe the turmoil and devastation.
We have seen the scenes of 911 on our t/v sets over the last week reminding us what you guy's suffered and your losses
Thinking of you all

willowtree said...

I was asleep in bed (around 11:00pm) in NSW and got up to have a drink. Switched the TV on and sat tranfixed until 6:00am.

Thistlebee said...

I was driving to the city. It was beyond belief, impossible.

-Madcap (had to start a new blog in order to be able to comment at non-Beta sites!)

Sarah Elaine said...

I don't really know how to react to this poem. My best friend is from a Muslim background. To me, Allah and God are the same.

willowtree said...

Allah and God are the same, the diference lies in the respective prophets.

Janice said...

Hi Everyone,

First of all WOW, thanks for all the comments. I'm glad that you all have come to participate and read my poem.

The poem: Yes I'll agree with Sarah and Willowtree--that Allah is the same name as God, and Jehova as far as that goes too. And that was the point of my poem it's the same God that we call on for-what-ever the reason.

Hi Turtle guy,

This was a visious act, and it's still fresh to many of us. Five years isn't enough for us to forget.

Maybe later we'll be able to forgive. After all we finally were able to forgive the Japanesse for Pearl harbor(I think). I know I have, and they are our friends and allies now.

Hi Puss-in-boots, Ann, Jeanette, Gwen, Willowtree, and Queen er, Madcap,

Thank you for writing what you were doing on that day 9-11.

I had got up and woke my daughter up, then as my habit turned on the news, and watched shocked. Whats this? What happening? Isn't that the twin towers? These questions were quickly answered by a beathless news caster. I don't even remember which channel I was on, but I stumbled into a seat and watched transfixed just like the rest of the country in stunned disbelief. How can this happen? Here? My mom called just after the first building fell, and said "Are you watching this?" She didn't even have to explain. I said "Yes, I was", then she asked "did you see the first building fall?" And I answered "yes" she said "the other one will be falling next just watch", just then it went too.

I did manage to get my daughter ready for school, and drove her there. Them came right back to the TV, it stayed on the news for days.

I still remember the horror, and the feeling of helplessness, and my own tears.

The feeling that we weren't safe anymore, not even in our own country.

But I also remember the pride and sorrow for the passengers of flight 93, they stopped the last plane--heros all.

It made me feel a little more--empowered. Like we still could have some control over our own fates.

We the people of the United States are a resourceful bunch and nothing can keep us down for long!

And we will rebuild.

The sky line of New York will never be the same of course, but it will be a source of pride once again.

Lady Jan~