Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Lady Jan's "Just One of Those days."

I got my daughter to school alright, but the day seemed to go down hill form there!
First off our new kitty got into a sticky trap in our room, and tore through the house. My husband saw most of this and said "she was running side-ways out of (our daughter) Sarah's room, then she ricketed of the front door and vibrated to a stop under the coffee table."
I'm the one who had to tear it off her little foot, she protested loudly, but she's okay.
I took a nap before going to pick-up my daughter from school.
I haven't been getting enough sleep lately, mostly because my husband isn't home at night to lull me to sleep with his snoring.
But we got a new noise.
Who know what a gondola is?
Every bump in the road
Oh a stop sign!
Bing, bang, boom!
And just for variety,
All night long!
Oh, I have only gotten about two hours sleep for the last two nights!
Oh sleep, blessed sleep.
I digress.
I got to school and my cell phone rang, it was my daughter of course trying to find out my ETA.
I hit the off button instead of the on button.
It's okay my daughter found me right when I was trying to call her back.
I was down to three gallons of gas, so I went over to Chevron to fill-up.
A homeless (I think) man came over and said, "Hey, hey, hey?"
I glared at him I hate to be begged for money. "Oh never mind he said," and left.
That's when I heard
W-What is that?
I checked the gas hose.
It was fine.
I checked my tire that has a nail in it, and isn't leaking very fast so we just keep putting more air in it, as waiting for a good pay day so we can replace it and another one that's getting old.
No it's fine.
Could the noise be coming from the engine?
Glug, glug, glug, glug!
Green water flowed from under the front of my car!
"Gasp! Oh, dear, oh no!"
I don't know why, but when I'm startled or shocked my languages is G rated. But get me mad, and it gets an instant R rating.
I continued to fill up my car.
What else could I do?
I then drove it a short distance to the air water thingy, that all gas stations in California have to have by law. But only one of them was working.
Then I couldn't get the hood open!
And I tried everything to get it opened.
Then I remembered I have a cell phone!
Hey! Cell phone to the rescue!
I woke my husband, who then called my parents, then my mom
(are you following all this?)
picked up my husband and brought my husband to us.
And he couldn't get the hood up either!
So he called the insurance company to get a tow (it free on insurence polacy),
and then I got the idea
(Yeah, I'm just full of them today)
Of renting a car.
My mom took me over to the Toyota dealer ship that rents them.
And when asked what car did I want I replied my husband wants
a Camry!
We got a Grey one.
I got home with it just before my husband and the tow truck did.

A few days ago my husband told me, "did you know you have a very large egg plant in your garden?"
My reaction,
So YGF and I tore off out-side and picked this beauty, and YGF liked it so much I gave it to her.
Checkers our new kitty tells my daughter, "Shh, you talk too much."
Okay, we are all wierded out over this one.
Okay, you mice!

Heads up!

There is a new cat in town. . . er. . .House,

and you better watch out because she got an e-y-e?

Out for y-o-u?

H-mm, then on the other hand. . . .I got a lot of sticky traps!
So live in fear. . . .You mice-ies you!
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Granny said...

Horrible day even with a record setting eggplant.

Merle said...

Hello Janice ~~ What a horrible day you had. So sorry about that and hope it all got fixed up for you.
Also I hope you can get some more sleep
and things seem better then.
Tank you so much for your comments, and glad you found me at my new blog. Hope that the commenting gets easier.
Take care, Janice and lok after yourself
Hugs, Merle.

madcapmum said...

Good grief! You surely do know how to stack up calamities! I guess this means today is a GOOD day, huh?

Gwen said...

"G'Day Janice"
Yes we do use this term quiet often.Go ahead and write your story
what was the aussie doing on a deserted island with a yank[woman]anyway?
Thanks for your comment.

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

Yeah, and today was just a little bit better.

We had to have our car towed again, this time to a a repair shop because my husband still couldn't get the hood up.

Then we looked at used cars, then ate at KFC, and then had to run home because it gave all three of us got the diarrhea.

Hi Merle,

Thank you, like I was telling Ann; Today was just a little bit better. I hope things are are improving with you too, and I'm sure the comment thing was just temperary.

Hi Madcap,

To was better, but conpaired to yesterday it would have to be.

G,day Gwen,

Thank you for the help!

The Yank and the Aussie arrived on the deserted island seperately by a different set of disasters, and meat actidentally on the island. I'm think Bamuda Triangle type story but that maybe done to death.

Your Lady Jan~

willowtree said...

Awwwww kittie!!!!!

Oh, and too bad about the car.

Janice said...

Hi Willow tree,

Thank you! We think our kitty is cute too, and entertaining.

My car is in the shop right now and it gonna cost $850. and a bit more for the car we rented.

That sucks! But we'll get through it we gotten through a lot worse.

Lady Jan~