Friday, March 03, 2006

Lady Jan's What a Rare sight!

In California we have two separate mountain ranges; The Sierra Nevadas which run the length of our state inland, and the Coatal Mountains that of course run close to the coast. In between the mountain ranges is the San San Joaquin Valley, where I live in Madera, and usually when we see the Coastal Mountain range-- Posted by Picasa
On a very clear day this is what we see!
And we would consider ourselves lucky to see this.
But today we had a rare sight!
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Not only did we see the Coatal Mountain range in all it's glory!
But there was actually snow in them there hills!
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And lower down in the mountains too.
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Right where you can see it!
Up close and personal! Posted by Picasa
So close it looks like there only a mile away!


Granny said...

Why didn't I think to look out my window?

We probably couldn't see it from where I live - would have to go a few miles away from downtown.

You're a little more rural - not much but some and view is less obstructed. Nice and lovely pictures.

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

Well I live a few miles west of the center of Madera, out in the country--the boonies and have a clear view.

I saw this view when I dropped off my daughter, then I ran home grapped my camera and drove till I got a good angle to take the pictures.

I was real lucky yesterday the view was amazing, and today all we can see of the coastal range is a a light out line.