Monday, March 20, 2006

Lady Jan on the first day of Spring!

The day started out nice enough; with deep blue skies, the kind that look like it could go on forever with just enough big fluffy white clouds to break up the monotony. It was also a bit chilly, but not bad and not too bad for the first day of Spring.

Then around noon it started to get really windy, cloudy, and cold. I mean really windy-- when I drove down to my daughter school I had to fight the wind to stay on the road. At 1:30 it started to sprinkle and rain a bit, but not too bad really.

Then we went to Wal-mart where I bought my daughter socks; because she made me wait for her in the car for almost ten minutes and narrowly missing being late to school all because she couldn't find a matching pair of socks! Oy! Kids! So I fixed that problem by buying her six assorted pairs of socks. That's a pair of socks a day for a week, plus one! So she better be ready on time tomorrow! I also bought a couple pairs for myself as I found some on clearance, and I a sucker for a good deal. Well, when I have money.

When we left Wal-mart at 2:30 it got darker and darker. Then it started to rain and it rained harder and harder, then it begin to sheet! We don't usually get sheeting rain, as we are a rather dry area. So this was somewhat unusual. I could barely see to drive the car it was coming down so hard, and I had to drive real slow too--to be safe. Then we got soaked when we rain into the house, and we made good use of the new socks by changing into then, and some fresh dry clothes.

3:30 I picked up my husband at work (he works at the largest winery in Madera) and it had calmed down a lot with just an occational sprinkle. I said, "Some rain huh?" He said, "I'll say I was out in it!"

Then he told me about a co-worker named Duke, who is shall we say a bit of a hard Arse. Anyway when it was raining at 1:00 a gentle rain; my husband Duke and some other guys where working in a big building, that's the size of a air plane hanger and Duke was doing some work near the open door; which is like a large garage door. Then Duke yells at the sky, "Is that all you got huh? Come on show me something! Show me what you got!" (shades of Forest Gump!) Then believe it or not it started to blow really hard like on cue! Then it started to rain at 1:30, then a while later at 2:30 (same time as we got caught in it) it started to sheet!

My husband's other co-workers yelled at Duke, "Now you've done it! You've pissed off God!"


Granny said...

Wow. I think we just had the dirzzles but I took a nap so may have missed the whole show.

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

Yeah, it was quite a show--nature at it's best or worst! I didn't enjoy being caught out in it, but if I had been all cozy in my warm home I would have enjoyed it a whole lot more. Too bad you missed it.

Your Lady Jan~