Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Lady Jan says--and here I though P0rn was bad enough!

Has anyone heard of this? I accidentally stumbled upon this as I surfed the web! I was e-mailing Ann (Roc Rebel Granny) about this, and decided to post it.

Real Live Dolls It's a freaking king sized barbie doll! And here I thought p0rn was bad enough, with the way it demeans women and addicts men! We women hate it because it demeans us as a person and as a sex. Men like it I think because they like to think of us women as an object. And it makes us easier for them to deal with, then have to grow up and have a real relationship, and have and deal with real feelings.

Well, if they feel that way they should have a plastic doll!

And here they make them now!

Real Big Plastic Dolls! That men can have sex with, and I'm not talking the old blow up kind, but plastic king size barbie type.

I think this concept is sickening. We want our sons (every-body's sons) to relate to woman (our daughters) as a real humans with feelings, dreams, goals of their own, and not as an object. And our daughters to respect themselves enough not to become a plastic persona (I think we can name a few), and not to give up these dreams and goals of hers.

And here comes the big plastic dolls. Hey it comes with no real feeling the man has to deal with!

Now men have discovered a way to have sex with out having to worry about that uncomfortable thing called a real relationship!

Here's another web sight on the dolls: photos of the dolls posed as women, and what's worse is that one of the picture show a "doll" next a child.


Granny said...

Right on.

Janice said...

Thanks Ann

Granny said...

You're welcome. (Told you I was feeling silly tonight).

madcapmum said...



Obviously I'm not equipped with a male endocrine system, but I can't imagine being able to perform with something that smelled like a dishglove. Ick.


Janice said...

Hi Madcapmum,

I actually hadn't thought about how it would smell, but your right ew!