Wednesday, March 07, 2018

My African violets

My appologies for not writing a post in so long. It's been a busy two years since our move to the new house we bought. In that time I've published six books and four short stories.

Now that I've started to do mondane stuff again I thought I'd post about it.

I have an African violet that the former owner of our house left us. It spouted a daughter plant that was qickly killing the mother plant. I had to transplate the daughter into a new pot and repoted mom into the old with fresh soil. 

The two African violets before I transplanted them. You can't see the mom plant here because she is being overshadowed by the daughter.

 The mother plant after the transplant.  She seems fine for now, but I accidently snaped of her roots. Time will tell if she'll survive or not.
 Daughter plant after she's be transplated. She looks ever better than before.
 Both plants after I transplanted them and added fresh soil to their pots. 
I also gave them a weak fertilizer.

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