Wednesday, December 03, 2014

The Generosity of Strangers

Sometimes things happen that just bring a tear to your eyes.

I was shopping today, and was behind a man with his little girl. She was such a cutie with long straight brown hair and big brown eyes. Her clothes didn't quite fit her and her tights were threadbare and had a hole in them.

After she helped her dad, she turned and smiled at me then waved. I smiled and waved back. Then I realized that her work worn dad didn't have enough money for the simple necessitates he wanted to buy.

As I thought about reaching for my wallet, the woman behind me drew out a twenty and said, "Take this and lets see how much it'll cover."

After the food was paid for and they left, I turned to the woman and thank her for her generosity. I said, "I thought about doing the same thing, but you were quicker."

She said, That's okay, we've all been there haven't we?" (Meaning the father and daughter and the rough time they were going through.)

"Yes, we have." I thought about how rough my husband and I have had it off and on and how blessed we are now.

The next time, I'll be a little quicker reaching for my wallet.


Lee said...

Goodness is all around us...unfortunately so often we fail to notice it because it's overshadowed by the bad things.

A lovely story...

Janice Seagraves said...

Hi Lee,

So true.