Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Life in the Country

Oh, the excitement of living out in the country.

I let the dogs outside and saw a snake. I put the dogs back inside and picked up my camera. I told daughter and her boyfriend there was a snake outside.

I thought keep the dogs inside would be a given.

Apparently not.

The dogs bolted outside as soon as the door were open, and here I am knelt down taking photos in a dress no less. The dogs got between me and the snake.

I grabbed one dog which yelped and backed up, toward the by now alarmed snake, and yelled at my daughter to grab the other dog.

Dinky our Pomeranian, must have thought it was a game, because she bounced around like a wind-up toy and avoided being picked up. She eventually stepped on the snake.

The snake, upset by the dogs and the yelling, bit her.

Don't worry, it was a gopher snake and nonvenomous. I checked the end of the snake's tale for a rattle, before I went to get my camera.

I grabbed Dinky and gave her to my daughter. We got the dogs back inside.

I picked up a garden tool and scooped the snake up and toss it out into the field. No harm came to the snake. I was gentle.

Dinky's bite was treated, she's okay.

Just another day in the county.

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