Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Some Good News

The second book in my Alien Heart Series was accepted by Keith Publications.

Good news along with the beautiful weather we've been having. Warm, and lovely clear blue skies with just enough puffy white clouds to make the view more interesting.

However, today I got woken up by a damn sea gull, screaming its head off.  It seems to be stuck up in the pine tree in front of our house.

Boy, is it ever lost!


Lee said...

That's wonderful news, Janice! About you book, not the screeching seagull! Perhaps it was Jonathan Livingston wishing you all the best!

Today was the first day here in a long time...that we've not had any rain or showers at all. I can't remember the last time I could say we'd been through a day without any precipitation.

All the success in the world for your book, Janice. :)

Janice Seagraves said...

Hi Lee,

Maybe it was Jonathan Livingston Seagull, lol. I read that story in HS.

And thank you. I hope I get the edits soon on the first book. I can't wait to see my books published. :)

Here, my state of California needs more rain and you've had too much.

Have a great day.