Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Oh, you shouldn't have!

You know you all got them. The unwanted Christmas present. 

Maybe it was the ugly hand knitted Christmas sweater from Aunt Aida, or the teddy bear you were told to share with your sibling, or something too old/too young for you.

What was the unwanted gift and how did you handle it? Were you diplomatic or did you say something you couldn't take back?

When I was much younger, I received a paint by number set. A gift from an uncle and aunt because I wanted to be an artist. 

My mom told me to thank them for the thoughtful gift. Although  they couldn't have put much thought into it if they thought that a paint by number set is what an artist does. I would have preferred a drawing pad, or something related to art. I opened my mouth to say that, but got a warning look from my mom. 

So I thank them with the sickly smile I only reserved for school photos.

And now I have the other problem--my husband is too way good to me--really too good.

He puts us into debt for some outrageous gift that'll take us years to pay off.

Yes, now that's the gift that keeps on giving. 

Oh, you shouldn't have. No really. You shouldn't have.


Lee said...

Whenever I see that question I immediately think back to Christmas 1978...it's embedded in my brain forever and then some!!!

One of the presents I received from my husband (now ex) that Christmas was a garish, horrible, rayon, tomato-red with gold paisley print long dress! It was terrible! I couldn't help myself upon opening the parcel...I let out a loud gasp of despair and immediately my eyes welled up!

Did he see me that way, I thought?? I was horrified. At that stage I'd been working within the fashion industry for 14 years!!!

I'd never had a dress like that, nor did I intend ever purchasing one, let alone wear it!!

My ex and I are still on friendly terms and we often laugh about that incident...I only brought the subject up with him the other day!!!! lol

Janice Seagraves said...

Hi Lee,

Oh no, the dress sounds ugly. And of course working in the fashion industry you wouldn't be caught dead in it.

At least you can laugh about it now. :)


Lee said...

Oh! It really was ugly, Janice! lol

My ex never bought me another dress after my reaction on that one!!!!!! He learned his lesson! ;)

Normally, I'm very good at hiding a negative reaction or similar about something I don't like...so as not to hurt the feelings of others, but he (and the dress) just caught me so unawares...I was unprepared for the vision I'd unwrapped! lol

The worst part of it was we were due to go to his company party in the New Year and I had been looking for something suitable to wear. The first thing I thought when I saw the dress was that he wanted me to wear it to the party!!!!!!!!!!!!

I could write a book just about that bloody dress! ;)

M. S. Spencer said...

Lee, your ex probably was very proud of that dress--& had REALLY thought about it :). On the other hand, how do you deal with thoughtless gifts--the ones someone bought in the book section of CVS? Meredith

Janice Seagraves said...

Hi Lee,

Oh no, not to a party. Maybe to paint the house in, lol.

Hi Meredith,

Like a chiapet? I always wonder who gives those as gifts.


Lee said...

M.S. Spencer...poor bugger... you're right...he probably did think he was doing a good thing, but he blew it big time! ;)

He said the shop assistant was very keen and gushed over it when he was considering the purchase...I told him she probably had the hots for him and urged him on purposely! Hahahahahahaha!

Janice...I wouldn't even wear it to paint the house (and we were painting the interior of the house we were renovating at the time, too, now that you mention it)! I never wore it!! I did wear paint at times, though!! ;)

Janice Seagraves said...

Hi Lee,

Maybe the dress was so God-ugly she wanted it out of her store?


Lee said...

Hahahahaha...that could be true, too, Janice!

Gledwood said...

I won the lottery. Yes five whole American dollars when converted....

I also found my complete works of Shakespeare, which was a present and a half so I'm happy...

Janice Seagraves said...

Hi Gled,

That's wonderful. Now where are you going to spend five whole American dollars? Enjoy the Shakespeare books. I have a hard time getting past the language of the period.