Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dyer died

My dryer died and my hubby, with my daughter's help, is trying to fix the darn thing. This sort of thing always happens when its not covenant for us. I have a huge pile of clothes I was going to do. It right before Christmas, so all our money is spent. Daughter has registered for summer semester at college and they don't want to wait for their money, so we have to cough it up asap. And it too cold outside for me to hang out my clothes. If I did my clothes would smell like an old mop.

The dryer still spins and all the lights come on, but the heat element doesn't heat anymore. So we need a new heat element, which my hubby will have to run down to Fresno to get.

Wish us luck getting the darn thing fixed.


Alex said...

My washing machine was out of order 4 months ago. I cannot afford to buy a new one. Therefore I use my hand instead. The only problem is in Winter. This is really cold for the washing and takes at least two days to dry the clothes. I really don't like that the clothes are hanging in every corner of my small room.

Janice Seagraves said...

Hi Alex,

We can't afford a new dryer either, but I'm lucky my husband was able to fix it and it didn't cost that much.

Can you string up a line so you not using every available surface to dry clothes?