Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The lesson from a sesame seed

The lesson from a sesame seed

Don’t worry it isn’t a parable or anything.

My family and I went to Fresno, and ate at the food court at fashion fair mall. We had Japanese and I had sushi. I love sushi, but they were rolled in sesame seed, which like. But like always one seed got stuck in this space I have between two of my teeth.

I tried everything I could think of to get it out. My finger nail, a straw from my soda, sucking liquid in and out between my teeth, and nothing worked.

We stopped at a couple of stores, and soon I forgot about the seed.

Then while I was distracted the seed came out.

How did I get it out?

I did nothing.

The harder I tried the more stubborn the seed got, but when I did nothing it came out on its own.

It seems to me that people (and that includes me) try too hard.

I don’t mean not to give it your all, or even try.

But when you try too hard for too long, doesn’t it seem like you spinning your wheels and get nowhere?

Not only that but you wear yourself out, and don’t want to do the thing; writing, art, whatever your passion is—anymore.

So my reasoning is; you still have to work at your goals, just not so hard that you’re defeating your own purpose.

Have fun.

If your write, write for the pure joy it gives you. If you’re an artist draw, paint or sculpt what pleases you.

Your joy will shine through.

Just remember that sesame seed. 


Merle said...

Dear Janice ~~ Great post and can't those little sesame seeds annoy us. Glad yours righted itself.
Thanks for your comments about The Red Marbles - it was a nice story. I hope your shoulder is better after your fall. Mine was indoors on the carpet, but the getting up was the hard part - very hard, but I am OK now and hope you are too.
Take care, Love, Merle.

Kristen Painter said...

In theory, I like what you're saying. However, if I only wrote for joy, I wouldn't get a lot done. Writing is a job and jobs aren't always fun. Which isn't to say there isn't reward involved, but it takes some work to get there sometimes.

Janice said...

Hi Merle,

Yeah, *grin* the sesame seed came out.

I loved the Red Marble story, and shed a tear or two when I read it.

My shoulder is still bothering me, but not as much not. I hope you are better as well?

Hi Kristen,

Whatever your doing is obviously working for you, but I know too many frustrated writers that feel like they are getting no where. This post was for them.

Take care,