Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rainy Tuesday

It rained over the weekend, yesterday and today.
This morning on the news they said we had 43 hundredth of inch.
After all those days of rain, not even half an inch?

Rain walling off my porch, I took this today.

After waiting all weekend for my hubby to get me something for Valentines, I gave up.
I took my daughter down and we bought some half priced goodies for ourselves at Long's.

My Valentines gift for myself that I order off eBay.
I got it in the mail today, and hubby fastened it around my neck.


Kristen Painter said...

Man, we need rain, but 43 hundreds of an inch? How do they even measure that?

Gledwood said...

If I were South Californian, I suppose I might be really excited to have a day all grey and drizzly like that... If I were English or from New England I might not...

Janice said...

Hi Kristen,

The gages and other instruments are suppose to be at the air port. But it must have been under a tree to have only come to 43 hundredths.

Hi Gled,

I guess England being a island gets all the rain it can handle, lucky you. Here in California we're in the middle of drought and we can use all the rain we can get. Rain can be a beautiful when you don't see much of it.