Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thurday's Thirteen: winter time blues

  1. We ran out of propane before we ran out of winter. I told hubby that I smelled propane and we must have a leak. He didn't believe me. Than over the weekend he made this big annoucement that he couldn't light the propane heater because there was no propane. Well duh!
  2. We had to buy an electric heater. It would be a couple of days before we could call any body to fix it, because Monday was a holiday. Yeah, more good news.
  3. We had to hire a certified repair man to come out to fix it, because that is all that is allowed by law to touch it. Great!
  4. It turned out we had not one leak but two, the second leak was some where under my daugher's bedroom which explained the smell of propane fumes in her room. Do you know what propane smells like? Garlic and gas.
  5. It's fixed now and we bought a hundered gals of propane, so cross your fingers, it may last the rest of the winter. Yay.
  6. It cost us three hundred dollars to fix it and add the new propane. I feel like we got off light, because he had to do two pressure checks and didn't charge us for them, and he didn't charge us for the labor either. Nice guy, I could have kissed him.
  7. I'm still pissed because of the leak though. We had to get a loan to pay for the propane that should have lasted us all winter. Now we still have to pay off the loan and the repair job along with the new propane. Great more bills. *sigh*
  8. The only saving grace is only 65 degrees the last few day. Hell, Sunday I was running around in a polo shirt and sweating. There is should be a law some where that you can't sweat in the winter time.
  9. It's been too cool for t-shirts and too hot for sweaters. I tell my daughter "you can't wear that to school you'll catch a cold." She says "yeah right mom, I'm sweating and we just barely got into the car."
  10. It's raining today at least there's been no fog. I can see.
  11. That means the grass will again, and I'll have to mow it again. There is just something wrong with mowing in the winter time.
  12. The worse time for me is when I have to drive in the fog, when it's so thick I can't see anything. Am I still one the road? Can't tell.
  13. Guess what? daughter is having to stay home from school with a cold caught . . . you guessed it when we had no heat.

That's winter time blues here in Sunny, no make that foggy California.


Ms Menozzi said...

Ouch! I really hope that things turn around for you soon... My brother had similar woes two years ago - well, his problem was no cash to pay for the propane in the first place, never mind leaks.

Hang in there! Spring is only *mumble-mumble* weeks away, right?


Adelle said...

I thinkj we've all had enough of this winter stuff. At least we can go outside right now without fear of frostbite.
Happy T13!

Alice Audrey said...

At least you got it fixed, and the dd will get well -hopefully soon. Now if only your dh would listen!

Paige Tyler said...

Ugh! Glad it's fixed up!


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Janice said...

Hi Ms. Menozzi,

Oh your poor brother, well ours was so much that I had to get a loan to pay the bill off, darn it.

Yeah, I think for us it's only a couple more months of winter left, surely what we got will last that long. Here's to hoping.

Hi Adelle,

That's true. Keep warm and happy TT.

Hi Alice,

Yup it's fixed, daughter is very ill and I'm still mift at hubby. So all in all it a regular day.

Hi Paige,

Me too.

Happy TT everyone,