Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Brother's who don't get it

I'll try to make this fast there a schedual outage in fifteen minuets and I'll answers comments from my last post later too.

I've writen over 12,000 word on my Nanowrimo so I'm proud to say I'm right on schedual.

Two weeks ago my brother took me to a family reunion and I tried to explain to him what a blog was and why I have five of them.

He didn't get it.

I also told him about the Nanowrimo.

He didn't understand why I'd wont to do that either.

He told me I have way too much time on my hands.

Oh yeah.

And he told my mom I should go to work, I guess he thinks I'm wasting my time writing too. He thinks that's not really work either.


azhiey said...

well, i'm also not really well at school for now, :)
i think i'm out of time! school just feels like working. 7 to 3 every schooldays.
oh, i'm also the secretary of the asb now, which could make me still at school until 5. and when we're having a school event i can arrive home at 8(!)

today, i have math, biology, and english test in one day. all in a row.
i hate school. ^_^ lol

Granny said...

Yeah, the people who don't get it really don't get it, do they.

Janice said...

Hi Arma,

I'm sorry about that, that must be tough. Don't you just hate looong school daze ;)

Hi Ann,

No they certainly don't!

Your Lady Jan~