Saturday, September 15, 2007

Sleepless in Madera

I got all cozy in my bed and stared at the walls for a while as I willed sleep to come, and then I heard a tapping (and not at my back door).

Tap, tap-tap, tap.

The tapping noise sort of sounded familiar.

Tap, tap-tap, tap.

I tried to place it; I thought that it might be a big mean bug running it's stupid little head into the wall over and over again, or then again it could be a mouse in high heels (maybe the kind of heels that Barbie wears?) strutting it's stuff through my house.

Tap, tap-tap, tap.

Or maybe just maybe; and worse of all a rat got one paw in a sticky trap and the goo is still on it little foot, and it sticking to the floor as it walks?

Tap, tap-tap, tap.

The tapping noise got closer and closer.

Tap, tap-tap, tap.

I heard it in the bathroom.

Tap, tap-tap, tap.

Then I heard it enter my room.

Tap, tap-tap, tap.

The tapping noise continued as I lay cringed under my blankets as it circled my bed.

Tap, tap-tap, tap.

Then I heard it go back out again.

Tap, tap-tap, tap.

The tapping slowly diminished and at last it was quiet.

And then as I lay there I thought; what the hell was that?

Then I finally fell asleep at three or so in the morning.

The next day I went into the bathroom, and saw a medium sized moth climb out of a box. It was fluttering it wings like it couldn't believe it was awake.

I said "You!"

"It was you that kept me awake last night!"

Then I squished it!


Gwen said...

Hi Janice.
As it's been awhile since my last visit I hope this finds you well.
Finding that moth in the morning
and squishing it,my mind bogles as to what you would have done had you found it at the time of the

LittleJen said...

hello jannice, me too I have been a bit slack visiting everyones post's.
Im been incredibly busy, specially with my husband been in hospital (ohh boy arnt they the worst patients).
Have a great week

Lee said...

Ohhhh, Janice! I can't kill moths and if ever I accidentally do, I apologise as I feel so bad! Poor moth! I like moths! I don't kill spiders either unless they look to be dangerous. Most of the ones around here are friendly spiders. I love killing mosquitoes and ticks, though! ;)

Janice said...

Hi Gwen,

As it was there wasn't very much of it after I got through.

Hi Little Jen,

I do hope your husband is feeling better soon.

Hi Lee,

Not all moths are nice though, and I'm gonna post about that soon so people wont think I'm heartless for killing this one.

Lady Jan~