Friday, April 27, 2007

Lady Jan says no more ka-boom!

We went to Fresno because my daughter was going to get pads for karate and learn to spar at Quan's dojo and we had Arma with us again, but something happened to prevent it.

My husband was driving and there was this noise pow! Then flop flop flop, so of course we thought we had blown a tire.

My husband pulled into a parking lot as soon as he could find one, and we all four of us lay down on the dirty hard top and looked for a blown tire--there wasn't one!

So my husband tried to drive it home, and the flop flop noise got worse and it screeched and then it got hard to brake.

My husband turned into Edward's theater and called a tow truck, and we had it towed home. We knew it had to be on the left side of the car so my husband pulled of the front tire and everything was okay with that tire, so he pulled off the back right one and there was the problem the brakes had fallen off the drum.

We just got the car back from the shop today, it cost us $450.00 for both brakes. I just had both the brakes front and back done last year and it cost me total less than that! But they had to replace the brake drum too so I guess there was part of the cost?

I'm tired of hearing things blowing up, every time something goes ka-boom it cost us money!


Granny said...

I'm so sorry. Always something isn't it.

Lee said...

I close my ears when I take my car out as it's make a few strange noises too! As Granny says "always something, isn't it?" It never ends!

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

Yes it is unfortunately, and here I was going to get my AC fixed, and this repair took all the money!

Hi Lee,

We couldn't do that, mostly because with the brakes it becomes a safty issue.

Your Lady Jan~