Monday, April 09, 2007

Day Trip'in with Lady Jan #1

I'm driving down Historic Ben Hur Road and I made my husband take this picture for me. This road is located North from my home town of Madera, and above Hensly lake, and just past the small town of Raymond (CA). Then hang a left and keep on driving then the road will make a sharp right hand turn, and then it's 'Ta Da' Ben Hur Road.

The grass was still green, and as we drove we saw meadow after meadow that was covered by mostly white flowers that made the meadows look like they were touch by snow. And there where also yellow, and blue and some purple flowers as well. It made the drive that much more enjoyable.

This is the gorge on Ben Hur Road.
My daughter finally inherited my fear of heights, and took one look at this gorge (which by the way looks and is a lot deeper in person), and my daughter said "AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!"Posted by Picasa

This is the stone fence on Ben Hur Road.

Just after the rail road that crossed the US from East to West (our side) over a hundred years ago was finished the Chinese workers that build our end of the rail road were then unemployed. The Chinese soon went into the gold country many looked for work or to pan gold. And a local farmer hired the Chinese workers to build this fence. The Chinese workers got .50 cents a day for a five foot section of fence. If the worker was unable to finish his five foot section of fence he didn't get paid.

Me, my daughter Sarah, and Arma my daughter's foreign exchange student friend from Indonesia that came with us on our day trip. We are standing in front of the section of the stone fence that is right next to the road.

My husband Dave and I.Posted by Picasa
At this point my husband took over the driving, after I explained to him I wasn't seeing too good with the over the counter sunglasses I was wearing. My regular sunglasses went missing after a trip to the Salvation Army.
I miss my prescription sunglasses, I can't hardly see with out them.
And here I was driving with out them!
Scary thought ain't it?


Lee said...

Great pics, Janice...looks like you had a very picturesque day trip...tell Mr. Janice that I was very disappointed he was all dressed up in his jeans in his pic and he wasn't wearing the attire you locked him out of the house in! ;)

Like his hat...I used to have an Akubra similar to that.

Janice said...

Hi Lee,

I'm sorry to disapoint you, but he said "no way" to the the other state of undress on this occation.

Dave's hat is a fedora cowboy hat, made of black felt.

Thank you for leaving a comment, your Lady Jan~

Granny said...

I'm still not getting most of the pictures but I can imagine.

Thanks for the explicit directions but I share your daughter's opinion of high places.

I will do it but only if I must.

Merle said...

Hi Janice ~~ Sounds like you and your husband, daughter and her friend have had some fun trips. Some nice photos
that shows how happy you all were.
I had a great holiday, but it is good to be back with my friends. Take care
Loe, Merle.