Thursday, March 29, 2007

Does any body remember Ann Launders? Here's her daughter--

A longtime journalist, Margo Howard went into the family business (her mother was the fabled Ann Landers) in the 1990s as Dear Prudence. Her broad experience and understanding of human nature provide answers for the troubled — and entertainment for everyone else.

Now she is writing under her own name:
Dear Mango.


Lee said...

Like mother, like daughter it would appear, Janice. :)

Granny said...

I enjoyed reading Prudence and didn't know she'd started writing as Margo.

Isn't she married to Ken Howard?

I read both Ann and Abby for years and I'm glad someone from the family has picked it up.

Janice said...

Hi Lee,

It would appear so.

Hi Ann,

I have no idea who's she's married to. I just ran across her the other day and was pleasently surprised to see her.

Me too!

Your Lady Jan~