Friday, November 10, 2006

Lady Jan's Pajamas

Does anyone think pajamas are sexy?

I don't either!

And the model on the left is thin, and she is a whole lot thinner than I am and she isn't sexy in pajamas. Point of fact she looks boxy in them.

I bought myself a few pairs of pajama bottoms, because I prefer to sleep in t-shirt or something stretchy for a sleepy top but my legs get cold.

And I got flannel because it's warmer and we are fully in fall now and the evening are a lot cooler. And some of you have already noticed that I blog at night, and I want to be warm while I do that. So I decided why not pajamas? I'll be warm and cozy and comfy while I write late into the night.
(Okay maybe I'm not writing as late of an evening now. My husband is finally home at night, the crush season has ended and my husband is on day shift so I'm glad to announce that I finally have him back to snoring in my ear at night and spooning me. Finally I can sleep at night again.)
But back to the pajamas: while my husband was still on nights shift I had put my new comfy pair of pajama bottoms on with a sweat shirt, and my husband had just gotten up and was preparing for work:
My husband:"What have you got on there?" he said as he put on his work shoes.
Me: "Pajamas."
My husband: "You look cute."
Me: "There Pajamas."
My husband: "Ooh, soft" as he gets up and runs a hand over my leg.
Me: "Yeah, there flannel--pajamas."
My husband: "I like them."
Me: But I'm wearing pajamas?"
My husband: "Nice soft pajamas, and h-mm, I really like them on you too." he said as she kisses me.
Me: mouth hanging in disbelief, "But there pajamas?"
My husband: "I like you in pajamas! Buy some more for yourself okay?"
(the rest of the conversation has been edited for content and acute embarrassment.)
Boy, have I been wasting my money, when all I needed to do was buy pajamas?
So you guessed it!
I bought some more pajamas!


Anonymous said...

That's a girl in the picture!?!?!

Anonymous said...

Who can account for it? We humans are funny critters with strange propensities!

Anonymous said...

Hi Janice ~~ Well good luck with Hubby liking pyjamas. You could have been warm and comfortable all this time.
Thanks for your comments, glad you liked the Aussie thing. We are a pretty friendly lot, usually cheerful and we do
all like jokes. Take care, Janice, Love,

LittleJen said...

Hi Jan, loved your pj story.. who would have thought.. as u said they just "pJ's".. if you had on a sexy number I could relate to that.. but flannette ...lmao

p.s. thx for visiting my blog

Granny said...

I never saw any point in freezing while sleeping either.

Jammies are cute.

Janice said...

Hi Willowtree,

Yes, believe it or not it is.

Hi Madcap,

Your telling me!

Hi Merle,

I guess I could have been, and I didn't know he's like them so well. I usually wear sweats and he hates me in sweats.

I'm begaining to see that, and it's a nice thing to know, and I like jokes too.

Hi Little Jen,

That's what got me confused too, but he likes he likes them.

Hi Ann,

Thank you, I'm husband thinks they are cute too--and warm.

Thank you everyone for your commnets, here's also what I think:

I bought my husband a nice pajamas and matching house coat last year, and when he's come home from work he's shower then put them on at 4:00 in the afternoon!

I couldn't hardly get them out of them!

He might have re-thunk the whole P.J. thing because of his comfy ones I bought him.

Your Lady Jan~

grannyfiddler said...

you GO foxy lady! that man's a keeper! i've never been able to figure out what the appeal of that scratchy stiff lace stuff was. soft stuff is so much nicer to wear, and to cuddle up to.

Janice said...

Hi G.F.,

Yes, he is I've kept him for almost twenty-seven years now, our anniversery is next month.

There is an appeal to soft cuddly stuff, that's for sure!

Lady Jan~