Friday, September 09, 2005

Lady Jan's Poem for 9-11

This is in honor of the memory of that terrible day 9-11.
In God's Name
by Lady Jan
Allah--they yelled
ramming our planes into our towers
lost to the flames the building fell
with few survivors.
Oh my God!--we cried
as we watched horrified
trying to save them
many brave people died.
Jesus--thank you that they live
as people walked with feet of lead
dusty tracks of tears they shed
for what they suffered and fled.
Christ almighty!--we did swear
when the smoke then did clear
our stunned senses not prepare
titans once stood--nothing a nightmare.
God--there's more?
We learned--four planes
went out with evil intentions
the pentagon succum to a mutilation!
My God!--What happened?
a field in Pennsylvania was reshaped
ruin of flight 93 over the landscape
passengers and crew--no escape!
Allah--thank you!
prayed HE from a cave in a hill
for helping me to hurt them
where they feel it still.
In God's name we intrust--
flight 93 'loved ones' informed
hero's they were transformed
together the cockpit they stormed
showing us the courage in all of us inborn.

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