Friday, September 09, 2005

Lady Jan's heart goes out to the ones lives touched or that have been destroyed by the hurricane

I have just glued to the set for the last two weeks with tears coursing down my cheeks. Those poor people!

And I kept asking--where are the supplies for the people left in the supper dome?

We can get aide to people on the other side of the planet in a matter of days! So why oh why did it take a whole five days to get aide to people in our own country?

It should have taken hours not days!

In my humble opinion--The director of Fema is to blame! He was suppose to co-cordinate all the different rescue and emergency divisions. And he just sat on his thumbs? And let people die!

The director of Fema as of today has been relieved of duty, and presidential "yes" men wouldn't denounce him, but said "he(the director) was doing the best job he could do under the circumstances."

Huh? Who are they kidding? I don't think so!

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