Saturday, March 05, 2005

Lady Jan on the new bad word that you and your child need to be warned about!

There is a new bad word that the school, and law enforcement will prosecute for, and you the parent and your child and or children need to be warned!

It's worse than the "A" word, and it's worse than the "S" word, And it's much worse than both "B" words, which you hear even on regular TV these days. In fact, it is much, much worse than even the over the top, infamous "F" word!

But the funny thing about this word, is you hear it in the movies, heck it's even been the title of a movie. And it been in some songs, and even rap songs feature it proudly!

Why has it has it stirred up the school and the authorize so badly?

What is this word?

It is the word "kill."

It's very bad if used with the word "you"! And is especially bad when used in conjuction with other children's names.

Used this way it will causes not only disciplinarian action such as suspention, but also the child could be expelled from the school. And the authorities can also incarcerate the child, for up to one hundred days in juvenile hall.

Hurry warned your children! Warn them to never ever say this word, and especially never, ever write it down!

My child used the word as a joke! And the school counsoler didn't think it was funny, and called the police on her! She got suspended for one day.

And we are still waiting, to hear how much worse this is gonna to get!

We are all ill, and loosing sleep over this, it's just terrible.

Please don't let your child be the one who get caught with this word.

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