Saturday, August 09, 2014

Funeral, breakdown and a tow

Went to my uncles funeral today. He's been cremated and today was the internment of his ashes. I had a hand in placing them into the hole dug for them. 

Our view from the front seat of my daughter's car

Then on the way home, my daughter's car broke down. It took two hours until the tow truck come. Then I found out we had to ride inside the car while we bumped and jostled our way down the road on the back of the tow truck. My daughter said my face dropped at the news. You see, I'm afraid of heights.

I managed to get through it by repeating the song lyrics "Let it go, let it go." It took an other hour until we arrived home.

On the way, my back got smacked pretty hard a couple of times. The good news is I think that place on my back that's been out for a couple of months is back in. The bad news, we're pretty sure it's the transmission on the car has burned out.

****A special thank you to the nice man who helped push our daughter's car to the side of the road so were weren't in the way anymore, and to the lady who was so kind as to give us four large bottle of cold water to drink. It was a really hot day and we really needed the water. You two wonderful people showed us how there is still good in the world.****

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