Thursday, May 15, 2014

Drivers License Renewal

Well, today I went to have my photo taken for my drivers license.

I've been dieting like crazy for the last two weeks, trying to get a few pounds off, because this photo will be in my wallet for the next eight to ten years.

I wanted to look good.

My daughter even coached me on how to hold my chin up so it smooth out my double chin.

I must have eaten something salty yesterday and bloated.

Well, the only thing showing will be my face. I put on make-up and found it was old and clumped. I smoothed it out the best I could. But I looked pale and my lipstick was too dark. Rats.

Okay, I can still do that raised chin thing.

Hubby and I got down there and there was hardly anyone waiting in line. The first clerk gave me a number, and ten minutes later my number was called.

Unfortunately, I couldn't pass the eye test without my glasses. I didn't even try. Too blurry.

Then when the picture was about to be taken, and I was all ready for it with my chin raised, the guy told me to lower my chin. *sigh*

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