Friday, July 19, 2013

Mr. Coyote

Photo by ©Dennis Pepin bought through Fotolia

My mom told me something disturbing today. We both live out in the country, and there are wild animals that live out here too.

My mom was out early this morning and watched a coyote walk over to one of the neighboring farms. This neighbor had small dogs.

Not anymore.

The two little dogs ran over to the coyote and barked and barked. And Mr. Coyote gobbled them right down. Dumb dogs. When the half grown chickens started heading over into Mr. Coyotes direction, my mom went inside. She'd seen enough.

Animals are dumb.


Lee said...

Oh! How sad. Those poor little dogs were only trying to protect their territory...poor little tykes.

Are coyotes protected?

Janice Seagraves said...

Hi Lee,

Not as a endangered animal, but a farmer can't just pick up a shot gun and shoot it like they used to.

Fish and Game or Animal Control will have to be notified, so they can come out and capture the coyote.


Lee said...

I see. A farmer should be allowed to protect his flocks...I think, anyway.

Our poor cattlemen and sheep folk in the outback and in other areas have to battle constantly with thousands upon thousands of kangaroos that reek havoc on the properties, causing livestock to starve. The 'roos eat all the grasses from the moment the shoots first appear. Okay, so the kangaroo is a national symbol; a national treasure...but when it comes to the national herd, to use a pun...our cattlemen (and our farmers) must be heard!

Commonsense has to come into play. Kangaroos, as wonderful as they are cause so heartache and loss to our people of the land. They have to contend with droughts; and the 'roos come in search of food; then the rains come; and more kangaroos arrive to feast upon the new growth. It's a never-ending cycle.

Janice Seagraves said...

Hi Lee,

As a child I used to see coyote skins hanging on the barbwire fence. I guess it was a warning to other coyotes not to come around. As a deterrent, I don't think it work. Coyotes are notoriously sneaky.

It's one of the things outlawed. If you do catch a coyote or dog in the act of killing your chickens or sheep or a calf I believe a farmer can still kill them.

Rules vary from state to state, but you can kill them but you might need a permit or proof that they are preying on farm animals.

There are coyote where I live. I hear them howl nearly every night.


Janice Seagraves said...

BTW, I feel for both the farmers and the kangaroos.