Monday, April 01, 2013

Happy Belated Easter

We had an interesting Easter day.

I barbequed steak, peppers, hot dogs and soy dogs for my family as I watched the storm clouds blow in.

Lightning flickered across the horizon and thunder boomed overhead.

The weather had the cat and dog chasing each other around the yard, and around my feet.

I got everything off the grill just as it started to rain.

Once inside, I had to turn off the computer since the thunderstorm had arrived.

Lightning flickered all around the house.  Flashes lit up the windows. I smelled ozone. You know that smell when something burns out. Nothing burned out, but I think it was because of how much electricity was in the air.

We turned off the lights in the house at one point, so we could watch Mother Natures show.


Lee said...

We had a storm here late on Easter Sunday afternoon, too. My two furry rascals hid under the bed...that's their secure hiding place during such disturbances! :)

Janice Seagraves said...

Hi Lee,

Most cats will hide under the beds. When we let the cat and dog in, they head for a lap or my daughter's bed.