Thursday, February 02, 2012

Weird Dream

Last night, I had a really weird dream.

I fell into the river and came back as a tree, which was made into a hobby horse for a little girl.

Except she wasn't really a little girl.

She was the mother of the woman taking care of her and the little girl was aging backwards.

I finally turned back to myself . The woman bought the girl a new hobby horse and I played with the girl, but I was still in the hobby horse paint.

Then the woman took me to the river. I jumped in and the water took off the paint.

The river flowed upwards into the sky taking me with it and I climbed out on a rocky shore where my husband and daughter were looking for me.

I ran to them and hugged them. My daughter took out the ribbon in my hair that was from being a hobby horse.

Do you have weird dreams too? Can you tell us about one of them?


La Sognatrice said...

I have a lot of weird dreams -And I have always had, ever since I was a little girl – as long back as I remember. In the weekends, where time allows me to wake up slowly, I think of every detail, and what it might symbolize. Other days it comes to me in pieces during the day…
Last night I was in a new house, don’t know if it was mine, but remember being happy about the kitchen – having everything I wanted!! Just except from the oven, but it was broken, and it wasn’t any problem changing it, and putting it in a new place, like I wanted!! Then I had to get something, don’t remember what, but a strange man came to join me. He was fat and unattractive, and I remember being annoyed but never the less I was quite calm about his presence… The road (to get whatever it was I had to pick up) was very weird, in and out of small holes and cracks and I had to suck in my stomach and squeeze through – and all the way with him right behind me. Everything around me was strange, a bit like a hundred years ago (the surroundings) and maybe like participating in a movie… I met some people on my way, and they were really sweet and helpful. Some of them seemed a bit concerned (maybe about the man joining me, maybe about me…?) I remember the feeling of getting what I went for, and going back, but I don’t remember back to what, and neither with what!!
I never get the endings! Really annoying! But I always have this feeling when I wake up, telling me if it was a good dream or a bad! This dream was a good dream… and now I wonder why, cause I really think the guy didn’t fit in…

Have a lovely weekend:-)

Janice Seagraves said...

Hi La Songnatrice,

I've studied dreams and even though I have no idea what my dream was about (except everything was going backwards), I do have an idea what yours was.

It was a good dream. That house was you. Since you like the house that mean you like yourself. You can stand a little redecorating, but that's easy for you to do.

I'm unsure who the fat man was but he could have been your guardian spirit watching over for you.

I hope that helps.


La Sognatrice said...

Hi janice :-)

It all makes sense. I didn’t think of it that way, but now I can see it! –Except for the guardian spirit, he was there all the time, but he annoyed me, and shouldn’t I be glad instead? I have always been told, that I’m not good at taking advices from anybody, maybe that’s the trouble? (But I often seek answers from my dreams, because I believe they are deep inside somewhere…)And even though I in a way was comfort about his present he was unattractive and I didn’t understand or share his “personality”

By the way, a confirmation in our country is a big celebration where kids in an age of 13-15 years confirm their baptism. I tried to Google it and maybe it’s called “affirmation of baptism"…? It has its roots in the Christian faith and is a religious act in the church followed by a big celebration with family and friends. (Nowadays I question the truly religious thoughts behind the feast, it’s more an occasion for gathering friends and family, celebrating the kid almost being an adult…)

Janice Seagraves said...

Hi La Sognatrice,

I'm just guessing about the guardian spirit, but since he stuff to you like glue that could be who he was. They're like teachers. You don't always like a teacher.

Thank you for telling me about the confirmation. It sounds nice. We don't have that here. I hope your daughter, you and your family enjoyed it.


La Sognatrice said...

you’re so right :-) He must be teaching me something I don’t like (to face?) and that’s probably true – very true!
-Cause I really love to be taught and guided –when it’s something I like and love – like the Italian course or my work!! It’s quite another matter and context, I know:-)

The confirmation is in May!! We are only preparing and planning! 3 months in advance, that tells something about the engagement and involvement…
She has an opinion about everything, and I like to involve her. It’s a big day for her, and the first of my two children. (the youngest is a boy, so I don’t expect the same “fuss”)

Janice Seagraves said...

La Sognatrice,

You could consult with someone who knows about dreams and they maybe can tell you more.

Have fun at the confirmation in May. (Yeah, boys don't need as much fussing with. I have a only daughter but I got lucky with her, she's been easy for the most part.)