Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday's Thirteen: Windswept Shores contest

Here's this weeks Thursday's Thirteen and another excerpt from my book.
Read it carefully, there will be questions afterwards. 

Yeah, blame it on my hubby he wants the contest to be harder.

1. They waded out and began scraping off the black, shiny mussels that clung to the rock. The surf pulled and dragged at her legs, getting both of them thoroughly soaked.
“Isn’t that a beaut?” Seth showed Megan a fine clutch of mussels. “I got ‘em in one go.”
“Oh, that’s great! And they’re nice big ones, too.” She held out the basket, but slipped on a stone, stumbling against his side.

2. He dropped the shellfish into the basket she held. “Easy there, mate.”
“I mean the mussels,” she snapped.
“I meant the mussles, too.” He scraped at another batch. “Course, a man’s muscle is his most important body part.”
“O-oh, you’re just like every guy I know. Why is it always sex with men?”

3. “Do you know which muscle I was even talking about?” He smirked. “Most blokes are scum.” He glanced sidelong at her. “Most blokes just want to tell their mates how many birds they've shagged that week.” He dropped more mussels in her basket. “But I could be different, if you ever want to find out.”

4. “You do realize I’m a married woman?”
Seth yanked his gaze up to hers. “Megz, I realize you’re a spunky widow.”
“I’m not a widow. He’s alive,” she snapped, blinking back tears.

5. “You have a nightmare every night about his death.”
“I-I don’t know for sure.” Megan scraped vigorously at a new spot. “Jonathan might have made it. The plane could have . . . popped out—” Half the shiny black shells fell into the water, as she snatched at the rest. “From the other side of the wave,” she finished.

6. “Orright.” He shrugged.
Megan dropped her mussels into the basket. “I think we have enough. Let’s go in.”
“Ready when you are, mate.”

7. Roaring filled her ears as a large wave hit, for a moment all Megan could see was teal tinged water.
A hand grabbed her arm, keeping her rooted to the spot. “Megz?”
Megan coughed rubbing the saltwater sting from her eyes. “I’m fine,” she gasped.
“Let me have the mussels. The waves are picking up.” He dropped his scraper into her basket, then took it from her.

8. Another wave hit, but this time it lifted Megan off the rocks. Seth grabbed her around the waist. She clung to him.
“The sea means to take you back.”
“It can’t have me.” She looked around. “I think I lost my scraper.”
“Let it go, mate. You can make another.”

9. In the lull, when the wave washed back out to sea, Seth handed Megan back the basket. “Hang on a tick.” She clutched it to her chest. He abruptly picked her up and waded ashore.
Surprise made her eyes big as her cheeks heated. She glanced shyly up at him, then over his shoulders to the rocks the waves crested over. “The tide has come in. I usually keep watch for things like that.”

10. “I must be a distraction for ya.” Seth grinned, while he set her down on the sand.
“When are you not a distraction to anyone?” she asked with one hand against his muscular chest.
“My mum said I’m always one to hog all the attention to myself.”

11. “I think she’s right.” She took a step back so she could pat his arm. “Thank you for keeping me from being swept off to sea.”

12. “That’s what mates are for.” He took the basket, with a look inside it, he added, “Besides, you were carrying me brekky.” Seth smirked down at her. “I really like yer top. You should wear it more often.”

13. “Oh!” Megan gave a mortified glance at her clingy camisole, which looked like it was spray painted on. Her erect nipples were making credible attempts to poke holes in the thin material. She snatched her brown shirt off the bush, hurrying to slip it on. Dammit, I’m never wearing this again.
Seth chuckled while he hauled the mussels up to their camp.

Here's the prize for playing my little game; a mug with my book cover and on the other side is my slogan, plus you get to fill it was a $25 dollar gift certificate from Starbucks.

Okay, now here are the questions:
1. What were Seth and Megan doing?
2. What did Megan get confused about?
3. What almost swept Megan off to sea?
4. What did Seth do to save Megan?
5.What was wrong with Megan's shirt?

Everyone who answers correctly will be entered into the drawing which will be held this Sunday, June 20th.


Kimberly Menozzi said...

Your husband is right - you have to make the contests more challenging! LOL! I'll leave the prizes to the others and keep sneaking back to read more. ;)

Happy TT!

katsrus said...

Hi you are a new author to me. Your book sounds wonderful. Thanks for the contest.
Sue B

1. What were Seth and Megan doing? collecting mussels
2. What did Megan get confused about? she thought he was talking about sex
3. What almost swept Megan off to sea? a large wave
4. What did Seth do to save Megan? he grabbed her arm
5.What was wrong with Megan's shirt? you could see through it

David Bridger said...

Windswept Shores sounds great! But I'm in the UK so I'll leave the prize to others.

Darla M Sands said...

I'm not a coffee drinker but the contest idea is really nice. Happy TT!

Paige Tyler said...

Great excerpts!


My TT is at

Robin L. Rotham said...

That's funny -- I'm not a coffee drinker either, LOL! And the nearest Starbucks is 75 miles away. But the excerpt was great!

Heather said...

Another great excerpt. We're walking the prairie today on my blog.

Alice Audrey said...

Harder? But I'm lazy. :)

Tatiana Caldwell said...

I enjoyed this excerpt, Janice!

Elise Logan said...

I agree. Not terribly challenging - but interesting.

I'm not entering the contest, but it was a fun read. I like Seth - he's appealing.

Inez Kelley said...

I read and Seth is cheeky!

Jennifer Leeland said...

I love the excerpt. Sorry, my brain is mush so....good luck to everyone else.

Janice said...

Hi Kimberly,

Okay, thanks for reading.

Hi Katsrus,

Thank you for playing, yes you are right. Your down on my list for the drawing, just check back Sunday, June 20th for the drawing.

Hi David,

Please check back later and maybe I'll have something you'll have to try for.

Hi Darla,

I'm not either, but Starbucks not only has coffee but they also have tea, pastry, and smoothies too.

Hi Paige,

Thank you, hug back.

Hi Robin,

Oh dear, really? I thought Starbucks was every where, they even have one in Sydney which is where my hero Seth is from.

Hi Heather,

I already commented. Love the pictures.

Hi Alice,

Well, not too hard I hope.

I may just do a simple drawing next week.

Hi Tatiana,

Thank you for reading.

Hi Elise,

Thank you for reading my excerpt. I had hoped this post showed Seth's flirty, sexy side.:)

Hi Inez,

LOL, yes he is.

Hi Jennifer,

Oh your not playing either? Well, thank you for reading.

Happy TT everyone.

The drawing is still opened until the morning of Sunday, June 20th. I will do the drawing on that day but after 12:00 noon.

Thank you.

Lisa Alexander-Griffin said...

Thought I'd play. :) Good luck with Windswept Shores!!

1.Scraping black, shiny mussels off rocks.
2.About which mussels/muscles he was talking about?
3.A wave.
4.Seth grabbed her around the waist.
5.Her shirt was wet and looked spray painted on.

Janice said...

Hi Lisa,

Thank you for playing. Yes, you got it right. I've added your name to the list. The drawing will be this Sunday, June 20th.


Carol L. said...

1. They were scraping mussels from the rocks
2.She didn't know which mussel--muscle he meant :)
3.A large wave
4.He took her basket and grabbed her around the waist
5.Her shirt looked spray painted on and was transparent

Great blurb.Love Seth's accent.
Carol L.

Katie S. said...

Oooo, I love contests and trivia! =)

1. What were Seth and Megan doing?
Collecting mussels on the beach

2. What did Megan get confused about?
Mussels vs muscles

3. What almost swept Megan off to sea?
A big 'ol wave.

4. What did Seth do to save Megan?
He grabbed her arm and waist.

5.What was wrong with Megan's shirt?
It was wet and see through.

Janice said...

Hi Carol,

Thanks for playing. Yes you got it right. Your on my list for the drawing.

Hi Katie,

Yes, you got it. Thank you for playing my game. Your on the list for the drawing.

Please check back Sunday, June 20th for the winning drawing.


Jane said...

Cool contest, Janice. I won't enter because I won recently. Have a great weekend.

Janice said...

Hi Jane,

Thank you for dropping by.


Booksrforever123 said...

1 the pair were collecting mussels for breakfast
2 Megan thought Seth was talking about sex instead of the food
3 a large wave almost swept Megan off her feet
4 Seth grabbed Megan's arm to stead her in the sea
5 Megan's white Camisol was transparent with the wetness.

Janice said...

Hi Books,

Yes, you got it. I have you down for the drawing.

Please check back June 20th for the winning drawing.


Anonymous said...

1. They were collecting mussels.
2. She was misconstruing the meaning of mussels/muscles.
3. The tide was coming in and the waves were crashing into her.
4. First, he grabbed her arm, then he grabbed her around her waist.
5. It had become transparent and showed her breasts quite clearly.

Anonymous said...

By the way, I forgot to mention just before how much fun these contests are! And I love getting these snippets from your book. :)

Janice said...

Hi Deenar,

You are correct! I have you down for the contest. Please check back on Sunday, June 20th for the winning drawing.

Thank you. I had hoped people were enjoying them, lol.


Gledwood said...

I love your dialogue... so he's an Aussie?

Janice said...

Hi Gled,

Yes, my hero is an Aussie. I wanted someone from a different country and
Australians have an awesome accent.