Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thursday's thirteen: Bahamas

Since my first book, Windswept Shores, is going to be out next month, I though I would share some research on my story setting.

Thirteen facts about the Bahamas:

  1. The Bahamas lie just 60 miles off the coast of Florida.
  2. The Bahamas is its own country; the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.
  3. The shallow sea is teal colored and at night an iridescent purple.
  4. Not only does the Bahamas have the best sports fishing, but also tropical fish like what you see at the pet store. Its an excellent place to go scuba diving. 
  5. The Bahamas is the only place you can get spiny lobster, a local delicacy.
  6. Another local delicacy that you can't get any where else is made from conk, a shellfish, which they use to make conk chips and soups.
  7. Their dolphins are spotted. The Dolphin Encounter Tours, available at most of the larger islands, will take you out to swim with the dolphins.
  8. The Bahamas is home to pink flamingos.
  9. They also have large iguanas that live on most of the islands.
  10. There are over three hundred islands and cays, but only about eighty are inhabited.
  11. The Bahamas are warm almost year round.
  12. The get over 50 inches of rain a year on average.
  13. The capital of the Bahamas, Nassau, was once a pirate republic, and local hang out for the notorious Pirates; Black beard, Charles Cane, Calico Jack Rackham, along with women pirates; Anne Bonny and Mary Read.  


Gledwood said...

It's v interesting what you say about those women pirates, Mary Reed et al ~ I honestly thought they only put Keira Knightley in Pirates of the Carribbean 1. as eye-candy and 2. to make the film a bit more politically correct and modern!! Seriously I did...

... what about all those uninhabited islands?..

What happens with them? They just lie there looking amazing, I suppose...

But surely somebody owns every single one, right? And there must be luxury homes with high-tech personal harbours to hide behind... you know, to have a near personal republic type thing going on...

Perhaps you know one... about the size of ten football pitches would be nice...

Land prices being what they are I'm sure they hardly come cheap these days!

Congratulations on the book, Janice and here's wishing you all the best with it when it comes out next month ;->...

Ms Menozzi said...

Interesting facts - quite a few of which I didn't know! I love that there were female pirates, too. A little gender equality in a none-too-equal era!

And congrats on the publication! We'll all be watching for it.

Happy TT!

Paige Tyler said...

Very cool facts! Sounds like a great book!


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Darla M Sands said...

I really enjoyed conch when in Key West. We splurge now and then at a big international store, too, but it's never as good as fresh. Yum...

A. Catherine Noon said...

What a fun post! I'd love to visit there someday. Thank you for sharing some of your research, and congratulations on your recent publication!

Janice said...

Hi Gled,

Those are some excellent points, and yes there were actually women pirates. Maybe I'll write about them one day.

Those islands are still to this day uninhabited. Although some had gang lord on them at one time. Some are up for sale from 500,000 to 1 mil.

Thank you so, my book comes out in two weeks and I can't wait.

Hi Ms. Menozzi,

Oh yes, and the women pirates where right in America's backyard so to speak.

Thank you.

Hi Paige,

Thank you. *hugs back*

Hi Darla,

I heard they are the bomb, lol. Didn't know you could get them in specialty stores, that's good to know.

Hi Catherine,

Doing the research I fell in love with the Bahamas they do sound like a wonderful place to visit.

Thank you, only two more weeks to go until my books comes out. Yay!

Happy TT everyone.

Ms Menozzi said...

Hey, Janice! I saw you'd dropped by my Profoundly Shallow blog - but I haven't posted my TT there, this week. If you'd like to see the newest one, come on over to this addy:

I'd love to see what you think! :)

Merle said...

Dear Janice ~~ Thanks for posting
those interesting facts about the Bahamas including where they are!!

Happy Happy Birthday for tomorrow my friend. I hope you have a very
special day and get some presents.
Love and Best Wishes, Merle.

Janice said...

Hi Merle,

Oh good someone remembered my birthday, lol.

Thank you very much.

And have a great day too.


Adelle Laudan said...

Ahhh, another thing we have in common. I luuuvvvvv researching my books. I have to be careful I don't get totally swept away and forget about the actual writing part lol
Nice settling for you new book. Congratulations, and once again, Happy belated Birthday!

Janice said...

Hi Adelle,

Thank you so much. :)

Yes, I love doing research. I too get too caught up in it, that when I look at the time it's well past my bed time and I've written nothing at all. :(