Monday, October 12, 2009

Columbus Day

Its Columbus day, I got to sleep in and so did my daughter.

Until I heard a noise like a car trying to turn over, and I looked out to see my nephew Bobby kicking his car. His friend Micheal was laughing at him.

Oh righty then, time to get up.

I ended up going to Little Caesar's for Pizza.

My hubby had a look at his car, a belt was loose.

Bobby and his friend went home full of pizza and drove themselves home.


Bethanne said...

Oh man!! What a day. At least they have a handy man in the family to help out. :) My week has been full of a sick kid. Thank God it's only ONE! *knock on wood*

Janice said...

Hi Bethanne,

Hubby isn't in anyway a car mechanic, he's an industrial maintenance mechanic for a local winery, but he did find the problem much to the boys' relief.

I hope your son is better soon, and your other children don't catch it.

Take care of yourself too.