Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Thursday's thirteen: back to school list

Here we go again! It back to school. Our daughter’s school starts next week.
Thirteen things we have to get for back to school.

1. New Clothes, ya got to have new clothes when you go back to school. Can’t be seen in the old stuff from last year. If your child can fit in them anyway.

2. New shoes. I don’t know any child that does not go through several pairs a year.

3. New Backpack. Can’t use the old one from last year, if you can find it.

4. New binder.

5. New folders.

6. New lined papers to fill up the binders and folders.

7. New pencils. My daughter likes the mechanical pencils.

8. New pens. I wasn’t allowed to use them, but some the classes say they need them.

9. New color pens or pencils.

10. Calculator. I didn’t get to use one when I went to school, but I guess some things have changed.

11. New gym clothes for P.E.

12. New cell phone or at least repair the old one. This is the second time we’re going in to have her old phone repaired. And yeah, I didn’t have one of these either when I was a kid.

13. Lunch money! Can’t forget that or the daughter won’t forgive me.


Megan Rose said...

Your list has reminded me of all the things I still need to get for my children. The eldest starts "big" school this year, so his list is much too long for my liking LOL.

Ember said...

I've got to get out shopping today before the tax-free sales end. I am not looking forward to the experience!

Flicka Holt said...

'New' seems to be the operative word...

Paige Tyler said...

So remember having to shop for all of those things as a kid! LOL!


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Adelle Laudan said...

I've started buying supplies. It's the new clothes, shoes, etc that put such a big dent in the budget.

Happy T13!

Alice Audrey said...

I put my kids on a budget and told them to get their own stuff this year. Neither got much of anything.

Mary Quast said...

Ugh! You would have to remind me.

Hugs and Happy TT!

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Janice said...

Hi Megan,

Oh yeah, the big kids need more don't they? Good luck.

Hi Ember,

I was out there today, and oh my goodness Wal-mart was a mad house. Do yourself a favor and go early in the day.

Hi Flicka,

What an interesting name.

Uh, yeah it is. But I'm so "old" now even my music is labeled "old school."

Hi Paige,

Yeah, but when your a kids your parents paid for it.

Hi Adelle,

Yup, it sure does and all the running around using up gas to find the good sales too.

Hi Alice,

They're probably waiting for you to step in and help them.

Hi Mary,

Um, sorry?

Happy TT everybody and thank you for posting a comment.


Lauren Murphy said...

When I was younger most of those things were on my list. The only acceptations where new backpack and phone. Yeah my mom would have laughed herself to tears if I would have asked for a cell phone.

Janice said...

Hi Lauren,

Yeah, mine too, but it was back in the seventies way before cell phones. It would have been cell what?