Sunday, March 22, 2009

The passing of a Blogger

Gwen, who blogged at Gwen's Den has passed away.

Gwen passed away yesterday 12th March, 2009.

Gwen was diagnosed with advanced aggressive pancreatic and liver cancer 2 weeks ago. Her battle was short and bravely fought.
Gwen lived in Yarrawonga Victoria, Australia

She was friend's with Jeanette (also in Australia), who blogs at Jen's Chronicles. Jeanette has posted about her friend Gwen's passing on her blog.

The world is a little dimmer without Gwen's bright light, and Jen's world is a little sadder without out her friend.

Please keep the family of Gwen's in your prayers.


Merle said...

Dear Janice ~~ Some of those tongues are repulsive. Thank you so much for mentioning dear Gwen's passing. She looks so nice with Jeanette's
Penny. I have felt her death so much, she was great fun lovely lady. I think your cold would be better by now, I hope it is anyway. I am well on the way to feeling better at last. My home care lady came on Tuesday as usual,, so we were both lucky. Take care, my friend. Love. Merle.

Janice said...

Hi Merle,

That is a great picture of Gwen, shh don't tell her but I copied it off of Jeanette's blog.

Gwen didn't post much, but she would pop in once in a while and post something here on my blog. I was always glad to read her posts.

Gwen will be missed.

Yeah, the tongues were an interesting post. I had to keep reminding myself they're just tongues everyone has one.

My cold is better thank you for asking, but I'm not well yet but with the warm weather I should be soon.

I'm glad you and your home care lady are on the mend, I'm so glad you two weren't seriously injured. Car accidents can be a scary thing.

Take care my friend,