Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Name Generator

I was playing with a name generator and this randomly popped up.

We’ve generated a name for your D&D character. It is…

Janlyassa Tarmikos
(Female Human Rogue)

Also known as...

Janlyassa the Rogue
Lady Janlyassa
Lady Tarmikos
Lady Janlyassa Tarmikos the Rogue
Lady Janlyassa Tarmikos the Conqueror
Janlyassa Tarmikos the Hunter

Hmm, how about I call my blog Lady Janlyassa the Rogue? Oh I know the conqueror has a nice ring to it.


Lauren Murphy said...

Wow very interesting. Makes me wonder what you did for it to pop out that particular name. I love names. A lot of them have so many different meanings and it's fun to find out what they are.

Janice said...

Hi Lauren,

I didn't do anything special, just click on rogue and I think warrior and the other was random, and that was the second one to pop up. Pretty nifty!

Lady Janlyassa~