Friday, December 21, 2007

Lady Jan's wedding anniversery

Then-- December 21, 1979

December 21, 2007
And now.

My husband and I have been married twenty-eight years as of today December 21, 2008.
My, have the years flown.
And the funny thing is that I know full grown people that weren't even born when we got married, and many of those people are parents now.
When my daugher graduates in two more years we will be married an even thirty years, man does that make me feel old!


Jeanette said...

Happy 28th Anniversary Janice, with many more to come....I have just posted pics from my friends 50th anniversary today...
ave a very merry xmas...

Granny said...

A belated Happy Anniversary and a Merry Christmas to you three.

Gledwood said...

Great stuff Janice!

Hey finally I updated you on to my links... for some reason I thought you were already there... well YOU ARE NOW!

Have a Very Merry One
and a
Fantastic 2008!


Janice said...

Hi Jeanette,

I just left a comment on your blog on Gwen 50th anniversery.

Hi Granny,

Thank you so much.

Hi Glen,

Thank you and you have a great '08 too.
Dave and I had a nice day, but we had to celebrate on a day late because my sister and her family came for a visit. We went out to eat, and saw a movie, and my husband bought me two pairs of earring for the two set of earring holes that I have.

Your Lady Jan~

Jennifer Bianco said...

Belated Happy Anniversary, Jan.
The pictures are so sweet! Yay, on 28 years.